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Show Hobbyist please read the following very carefully before filling out the Registration Form at the bottom of this page

Tank Reservations:

Because of the English style show system we need to know in advance how many koi tanks to set up. The fee for a 7 foot tank will be $85.00. 

Number of Koi per Tank:

Please use the following system as a guide to determine how many fish can be placed in a tank. Use the following formula:

Multiply the size (1-8) of your fish by the number of fish you are showing in that size (Long Fins are measured nose to base of tail)

  • Size 1 =  up to 10”
  • Size 2 =  10” up to 13”
  • Size 3 =  13” up to 16”
  • Size 4 =  16” up to 19”
  • Size 5 =  19” up to 22”
  • Size 6  = 22” up to 25”
  • Size 7 = 25” up to 28”
  • Size 8 = 28” and over

 Do this calculation for all your koi. For example if you bring one-size 5 = 5 points and two-size 4 = 8 points, and 3 size 3 = 9 points. If you brought these six fish to the show they would total 5+8+9 = 22 points.

  1. The show guideline for tank capacity is 32 points.
  2. If your fish load is too great for the tanks reserved we will move some of your fish into another tank and charge you the standard tank fee.

Once you have determined your tank requirements fill out the online registration form to reserve your Koi tank(s).   We are predicting a complete sell out of available tank space this year. We would appreciate you sending your tank payments as soon as possible. Deadline for tank reservations will be Friday, September 14, 2018  Because we do have a limited number of space tank availability will be on a first come first serve basis on when your payment is received.  Make checks payable to The Dallas Koi Kichi Group (DKK) and mail to The Dallas Koi Kichi Group (DKK), c/o Mike Moffitt, DKK Treasurer, 1209 Southwood Blvd, Arlington, TX 76013. This procedure will insure that we have enough tanks set up to handle everyone’s fish.

Fish will be monitored routinely for any problems. Show tank water will be tested for ammonia as needed. All koi show tanks will be covered with netting except during the actual judging. Security will also be provided.


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