2018 Koi Show Rules and Regulations

  1. Fish registration is from 1pm to 6pm on Friday and from 8am to 9:00 am Saturday. Owner must be present to sign entry form prior to the start of show judging (Saturday, Sept. 29, 2018 at 10:00am). 
  2. All fish shown must be the personal and private property of the registrant. This is a hobbyist show and therefore persons deriving significant income from selling fish will not be allowed to show.
  3. If you are only bringing a few koi and want to share a tank with someone, that is fine. Please coordinate finding your own tank buddy prior to the show. 
  4. We encourage you to purchase fish from our wet vendors. Fish purchased from wet vendors can be entered into the show.  All fish must be photographed and a registration/entry form completed at the time of purchase.  The deadline for entering a fish is 9:00 AM Saturday. They will be placed in separate “dealer tanks”.
  5. All owners must sign registration form and affirm that to the best of their knowledge, their koi entered in our show either had not been exposed to KHV disease or in contact with any fish where KHV disease has been confirmed by DNA or antibody testing methods.  Or if there is cause to believe that their koi have been exposed to KHV disease or KHV survivors, owner affirms that “suspected” koi have either have been tested for KHV antibodies and found negative using currently accepted testing protocols or have been in their possession at permissive temperatures (68F to 82F) without any indication of KHV disease for minimum of six months.
  6. Owners must provide a tub and suitable koi net for each koi tank used. (If necessary a single koi net and tub can be utilized for two (2) adjacent koi tanks with the same owner’s koi).
  7. Entrants must remain at the registration area until their fish have been benched and released into their tanks.
  8. Fish deemed by the benching committee to be showing signs of disease, significant injury or deformity WILL NOT be allowed in the show.
  9. The Registration form must be completely filled out, signed and full payment of entry fees made prior to fish being accepted into show.
  10. NO FISH maybe removed from the show site until all fish have been identified by their owners (12:00 PM for out of town participants – 2:00 for local participants) and approval given by the show committee.
  11. ALL FISH must be claimed and removed by 2:00 pm on Sunday. DKK will not be responsible for fish not claimed by this time.
  12. Judging will begin at 10:00 am Saturday.
  13. Prior to judging all fish will be examined by the show committee and determined to be free of disease and significant injury and to be entered in the proper size and class. The judges will forgive temporary injuries.
  14. Only judges and fish handlers will be allowed inside the show area during judging.
  15. Judging will be open to SILENT viewing NO COMMENTS by the audience please.
  16. All categories will be filled. Move ups will fill slots of fish moved to higher levels.
  17. NO ONE is allowed to handle any fish except the judges and fish handlers. Anyone wishing to inspect his or her personal fish must first contact the show committee.
  18. All Gin Rin and Doitsu fish MUST show in their respective classes except Shusui which is shown in Asagi/Shusui class, Bekkos will show in Kawarimono class, and all Tanchos will show in Tancho class.
  19. DKK - Koi  show classes: (examples are as follows):
    1. Kohaku - Normal scaled Kohaku
    2. Sanke - Normal scaled Sanke
    3. Showa - Normal scaled Showa
    4. Utsuri - Normal scaled Utsuri
    5. Gin Rin A – Gin Rin Scaled Kohaku, Sanke and Showa
    6. Gin Rin B – Gin Rin Scaled Non-Gosanke
    7. Asagi/Shusui - Asagi/Shusui
    8. Goromo/Goshiki - Normal Scaled Goromo and Goshiki
    9. Tancho - all Tanchos of any type/scalation
    10. Hikari Muji - Normal scaled/Metallic Ogons and Matsuba Ogons
    11. Hikari Moyo - Koi that have metallic patterns
    12. Doitsui - Doitsu Kohaku, Sanke, Showa, Non Gosanke Doitsu except for Shusui
  20. DKK – Size Classification show classes:
    1. Size 1               up to 10” (up to 25cm)
    2. Size 2               10”up to 13” (25 up to 33cm)
    3. Size 3               13” up to 16” (33 up to 41cm)
    4. Size 4               16” up to 19” (41 up to 48cm)
    5. Size 5               19” up to 22” (48 up to 56cm)
    6. Size 6               22” up to 25” (56 up to 64cm)
    7. Size 7               25” up to 28” (64 up to 71cm)
    8. Size 8               28” and over (71cm)
  21. The decisions of the Judges and show committee are FINAL. The show committee will decide any contingencies not covered by these rules. Any protest or inquiry must be made in writing to the show committee after the conclusion of judging and within 30 minutes of final move ups being completed.
  22. The following trophies will be awarded (not including club friendship awards)
    1. Supreme Champion
    2. Grand Champion Gosanke (Kohaku, Showa, Sanke, Shiro Utsuri)
    3. Grand Champion Sakura (Goshiki, Kawarimono, Kinginrin A and B, Kujaku) 
    4. Grand Champion Tsubaki (Hikari moyo, Tancho, Koromo, Doitsu, Kumonryu)
    5. Grand Champion Botan (Hikari muji, Asagi, Shisui, Bekko, Hikari Utsuri, Ki Utsuri)
    6. Mature Champion (best size 7 & 8)
    7. Adult Champion (best size 5 & 6)
    8. Young Champion (best size 3 & 4)
    9. Baby Champion (best size 1 & 2)
    10. Best is Size 1 (up to 10”)  (up to 25cm)
    11. Best is Size 2 (10” up to 13”) (25 up to 33cm)
    12. Best is Size 3 (13” up to 16”) (33 up to 41cm)
    13. Best is Size 4 (16” up to 19”) (41 up to 48cm)
    14. Best is Size 5 (19” up to 22”) (48 up to 56cm)
    15. Best is Size 6 (22” up to 25”) (56 up to 64cm)
    16. Best is Size 7 (25” up to 28”) (64 up to 71cm)
    17. Best is Size 8 (28” and over) (71cm)
    18. Best Kohaku
    19. Best Sanke
    20. Best Showa
    21. Best Utsuri
    22. Best Gin Rin A
    23. Best Gin Rin B
    24. Best Asagi/Shusui
    25. Best Goromo
    26. Best Goshiki
    27. Best Tancho
    28. Best Hikari Moyo
    29. Best Hikari Muji
    30. Best Doitsu A
    31. Best Doitsu B
    32. Best Kawarigoi
    33. Most Unique
    34. Ray Jordan Best Male
    35. Best Novice
    36. Best Tategoi
    37. President's Award
    38. Show Chair's Award
    39. Long Fin - Grand Champion
    40. Long Fin - Young Champion
    41. AKCA Award (limited to Dallas Koi Kichi Group members in good standing)