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Hikari USA

In 1961, Kamihata Fish Industries Ltd. began its career as a Nishikigoi breeder in southern Japan. In 1964, a “Kamihata Sanke” (a variety of Nishikigoi) bred and raised at the Yamasaki Koi Farm was awarded the championship prize at the All Japan Nishikigoi Contest. Having a long history of making their own diets, Kamihata Fish Industries utilized this knowledge and experience and began exporting their koi foods throughout the world as Hikari® brand diets.


Minami Koi

We are the local dealer of Tomigai Koi Food.

We are located in Dallas, Texas. Give us a call at 214-533-7882 or visit our website at www.minamikoi.com. 



Owner, Dick Johanneck, started Polytank, Inc. in 1972 doing custom rotomoulding. In 1977, he began making calf hutches which became known as Poly Dome Calf Nurseries. The agricultural products division of Polytank was later named PolyDome. Since that time, Polytank and PolyDome have added over 200 products to their line. Polytank has dealers across the United States, Canada and 10 foreign countries.

Saigon Block


TOMiGAi was formulated in conjunction with the Japanese experts on Koi. This product boasts cutting edge formulation direct from Japan and enjoys the endorsement of such prominent names in the Koi industry such as Sakai , Dainichi, Marudoh, Omosako, Isa, Seitaro, Gonjiro, and Tani among many others