Due to the forecasted weather the Koi Auction ONLY has been postponed until

Saturday, June 1st at 11AM

Come Join Us
Saturday, May 18th at North Haven Garden
Located at 7700 Northaven Road, Dallas, Texas 75230
Phone: 214.363.5316
Hours: Monday – Saturday 9 AM — 6 PM


Immerse yourself in the magic of water gardens!

See how easy it is to add the sound of fountains, the flash of fish, the color of flowers and the drama of foliage contrasts to any garden space. With demos and classes in the morning, we'll help you get started in water gardening. Then, stay for a fresh lunch in our Cafe' inside or on the patio.

BONUS! All our water plants from our extensive collection are 20% OFF for the weekend.

PLUS, All fountains, along with concrete statuary and birdbaths are 20% OFF for the weekend, too!

Get in on the excitement of this year's event with our special guests:

The Dallas Koi Kichi Group and

The North Texas Water Gardening Society.


 9:00- Our Cafe is open with fresh choices for breakfast! Grab a coffee, and peruse plants.

9:30 - 10:30am- Ongoing demo sessions- start here with adding plants to water:

  • Creating Small Water Gardens with Lisa Herrick and Diane Strickland of NTWGS

  • Water Plants- Selecting and Potting with Rusty E. Allen of NHG

9:30 - 10:30am- Pond Construction 101 class with Joe Copeland of NTWGS. Find out how to create a pond and begin your water-bound journey.

11:00 - Noon- Keeping Goldfish and Koi class with John Ames of DKK. John tours you through the origins of koi, and gives you the basics on how to get started adding them or goldfish to your water garden or pond.

12:00 - Time for lunch! Try a fresh lunch from our Cafe on the patio.

POSPONED until Saturday, June 1st at 11AM

1:00 - 2:00pm- 15th Annual Koi Auction. The Dallas Koi Kichi Group sponsors a yearly auction of high quality koi, hand-picked by its members. This exciting live event features koi from Japan. Pay cash, check, or by credit card, and don't forget to bring along a container large enough to take your koi home.


Dallas Koi Kichi Group (DKK) is a non-profit educational organization focused on Nishikigoi, also known as Koi. The Japanese term "Kichi" means madness or crazy and defines our passion for the subject of Nishikigoi (Koi).

  DKK is a member club of the Associated Koi Clubs of America (AKCA)